AutoDivert 2L-M-R

AutoDivert 2L-M-R

Diverting & Merging System
Stainless Steel Frame


Equipped with stainless steel frame.

Control Voltage 24 VDC
Input Volts 480 VAC
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz

Operating Principal

The AutoDivert 2L-M-R diverts off-weight product to the top section of the machine to be corrected and then placed back into the line of production automatically after being corrected. The AutoDivert 2L-M-R through inputs from scales will also divert loaf ends or trims downward to keep from interfering with product flow. The operator will correct the off-weights then station them onto the section of the conveyor for returning the product back into the production flow. When the return conveyor is full the operator will then acknowledge this by placing a finger on an optic switch. The AutoDivert 2L-M-R will then wait until there is a long enough gap in product flow then divert the discharge section of the machine up to return the corrected off-weights back into the flow of production, then divert back down again once product flow is present.