Chunk, Stick & Portion Cutter For Exact & Random Weight

Servo-Driven Guillotine Chunk Cutter



  • Guillotine cutter, the AutoChunkCut is a servo driven guillotine cutter designed to receive loaves cut from bulk block, cutting them into the desired thickness.
  • Scale feedback for exact weights, the AutoChunkCut is normally used in conjunction with a feedback scale.  The cut pieces of cheese immediately go over the scale with the feedback signal telling the AutoChunkCut to adjust piece thickness for exact weight control.
  • Random weights, the AutoChunkCut can be programmed to cut a series of different weight pieces to assist in making case weights when packaging random weight products.
  • Flexibility, the AutoChunkCut can handle most any type of product.  Cutting rounds, and half moons are easily accomplished.


  • Super rugged stainless steel, sanitary  wash down construction -Built to USDA & WDATCP specifications.
  • Servo driven, controlled with extreme accuracy.
  • ControlLogix™, the AutoChunkCut is now available with Allen Bradley`s new ControlLogix providing the customer with the very latest control and communication technologies.
  • USDA & WDATCP Equipment Specialists has a great deal of experience in building equipment that meets or exceeds the USDA & WDATCP “Dairy” standards.


  • Cost savings through reductions in labor and repetitive type injuries and reduced maintenance costs. The AutoChunkCut is a rapid pay back investment on labor savings alone.
  •  Product Quality, eliminates all the manual handling of product as normally associated with the “other” cutters on the market.
  • Reduced trim loss, because of cleaner and more accurate cutting than of traditional wire harps.
  • Less giveaway, the AutoChunkCut reduces giveaway by utilizing scale feedback for prompt automatic  weight correction piece to piece, not block to block.
  • Sanitation, the AutoChunkCut is very easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Faster, speeds of 300 or more cuts per minute (product dependent).
  •  Compact, efficient use of floor space.

Technical Specifications

Product Width ** 9"+ (22.8cm)
Product Height ** 4.5"+ (11.4cm)
Product Length (Infinite)
Machine Length/Width ** 10'4" (315cm) Length / 3' (91cm) Width
Machine Speed * up to 300 cuts per min.

* Product Dependent
** These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs