AutoCube 3000R

Cheese Cracker Cuts, Cube & Stick Cutter 3/8" to 1" standard, up to 3" optional, Up to 12,000+ Lbs. per Hour based on application.


  • High Speed Cutter for Cracker Cuts, Krinkle Cuts, Cubes or Sticks
  • Servo Controlled Guillotine style cutter enables low maintenance, speed and precision
  • NO Mechanical Adjustments– All adjustments are easy and on screen
  • Stainless Steel Design is rugged and built to USDA and WDA specifications
  • Tool-Less Takedown provides fast and easy sanitation cleanup
  • Tool-Less Safety Design with easy to open guards & doors with no tools needed
  • High Capacity with up to 12,000+ lbs. per hour (based on application)


  • Reliability– Servo controls and robust design
  • Designed for Cracker Cuts, Mini-Cracker Cuts, Krinkle Cuts, Cubes, Sticks, Triangles and other shapes
  • Flexibility– A quick change of cutter head assemblies and you are ready for another size cut
  • Safety with tool-less guards and doors


  • Guillotine style cutter, the Servo Controlled Guillotine style cutter is designed to receive slabs cut from bulk block, then cutting them into cracker/krinkle cuts, sticks or cubes
  • Servo Position Feedback technology for low maintenance, high speed and accuracy
  • Stainless-Steel Frame Design, has rugged sanitary wash down construction - Built to USDA and WDA specifications.
  • Tool-Less Takedown– No tools needed for change over, sanitation, or maintenance.
  • Movable– Comes standard with casters to allow operator to easily move into or out of production for cleanup.


  • Cost Savings, through reductions in labor and repetitive type injuries and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Product Quality, with reduced trim loss due to more accurate cutting than other traditional cutting methods.
  • Payback– reduced labor costs offers rapid return on investment
  • Contamination Control- offers reduced ”people to product” contact
  • Easy Sanitation, Tool-less guard and door design is very easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Fast, up to 12,000+ pounds per hour (based on application)
  • Compact efficient use of floor space.


Meets USDA and WDA Specifications. Equipment Specialists has a great deal of experience in building equipment that meets or exceeds the USDA “Dairy” standards.

Technical Specifications

Product Width ** Up to 15"
Product Height ** Up to 1" Standard, Up to 3" Optional
Product Length ** Infinite
Machine Size 54"W x 65"L x 56"H
Machine Speed * Up to 12,000+ lbs./hour

* Product Dependent
** These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs

Equipment Specialists

We specialize in engineering and building systems that perform beyond the customer’s expectations. We use our experience with the latest control and mechanical technologies to develop and personalize systems to fit each company’s needs, whether it is just one machine added to a line or multiple production lines from the ground up.