PushCut 240E

Fully Automated Servo Cutter
Cut Blocks and Rounds
UNIWIRE Technology

PushCut 240E – Automatic Cheese Cutter



  • Cuts 40lb Blocks down to 40 lb. blocks, loaves or slabs
  • Innovative UNIWIRE single wire system is more reliable and reduces wire breakage
  • Internal Pressure Sensing in servo actuator calculates ideal pressure for longer wire life
  • Servo Controlled Pusher enables low maintenance, speed and precision– NO AIR
  • Stainless Steel Design is rugged and built to USDA and WDA specifications
  • Tool-Less Takedown provides fast change over
  • Light Curtain Safety provide safe easy sanitation and operation


  • Reliability– Single wire cutting design makes for longer lasting wire
  • Designed to automatically cut blocks or loaves and insure proper cut dimensions
  • SAFETY, Operator Controls on both sides for Right and Left hand lines.
  • Flexibility– Can handle most any type of product, from soft to hard cheeses
  • Fast Change Over is tool-less in seconds
  • Safety with convenient light curtain coverage


  • Advanced UNIWIRE Technology– single wire cutting system reduces wire breakage
  • Internal Electronic Pressure Sensing to control cut speed and prevent wire breakage
  • Stainless-Steel Frame Design, has rugged sanitary wash down construction - Built to USDA and WDA specifications.
  • Tool-Less Takedown– No tools needed for change over, sanitation, or maintenance.
  • Light Curtain Safety allows easy sanitation and maintenance
  • Operator Controls on both sides for Right & Left hand lines


  • Cost savings through reductions in labor and repetitive type injuries and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Product Quality, with reduced trim loss and giveaway. System provides more ac-curate and consistent slab and loaf cutting than traditional harps.
  • Payback– reduced labor costs offers rapid return on investment
  • Easy Sanitation, Tool-less and open frame design is very easy to clean and san-itize.
  • Fast, up to 15,000 pounds per hour
  • Compact efficient use of floor space.
  • Convenient accessible with dual controls

Technical Specifications

Product Width ** Max. 15" (38cm)
Product Height ** Max. 15" (38cm)
Product Length ** Max. 15" (38cm)
Machine Size (Length x Width) 80" x 43"
Machine Output * up to 15,000 Lbs per hour

* Product dependent
** These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs