AutoCut 640

Cuts Swiss or 640 Blocks down to Slabs / Loaves / 40# Blocks, etc.

Feeds slicers or chunk lines with single or multiple lanes. USDA/WDATCP Washdown Version.


  • UP TO 30,000 Lbs per Hour, from 640 Blocks, Barrels, or Swiss Blocks and cut to slabs, cut to loaves all in one machine.
  • ACCURACY, the AutoCut 640 divides the  Block for accurate slabs and loaves - CAUSING NO TRIM
  • ACCUMULATION, the AutoCut 640 holds blocks in accumulation for even product flow
  • PRODUCT CHANGES, change from cutting into 40# blocks to cutting into single or twin loaves for slicing and loaves for chunking in just seconds.
  • FLEXIBILITY, the AutoCut 640 can handle most any type of product, from Soft to Hard Cheeses.
  • DELIVERY, product exiting the machine can be oriented in single lane or dual lane, and inline for your other operations downstream.


  • Super Rugged Stainless Steel, sanitary wash down construction -Built to USDA & WDA specifications.
  • USDA / WDATCP -  Equipment Specialists has a great deal of experience in building equipment that meets or exceeds the USDA “Dairy” and WDATCP standards.


  • Cost savings through reductions in labor and reduced repetitive type injuries and reductions in maintenance costs. TheAutoCut 640 is a rapid pay back investment on labor savings alone.
  • Product Quality eliminates all the manual handling of product as normally associated with the “other” cutters on the market.
  • Reduced trim loss, cleaner and more accurate cutting than of traditional cutters.
  • Less giveaway, the AutoCut 640 reduces giveaway by creating slab and loaf consistency
  • Sanitation, the AutoCut 640 is very easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Faster, speeds of up to 30,000 pounds per hour (product dependent).
  • Compact, efficient use of floor space.

Technical Specifications

Product Width ** 28" + (71 cm)
Product Height ** 28" + (71 cm)
Product Length ** 28" + (71 cm)
Machine Speed * up to 30,000 Lbs (13,608 kg) per hour

* Product Dependent
** These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs